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About Us

We are a recruitment and selection boutique with a dedicated service, offering unique solutions for each client. Our specialized team works closely together, ensuring real-time process monitoring.

With a global performance, we maintain the standards of assertiveness in our services both in Brazil and other countries in Latin America and Europe. Our expertise is focused on upper and middle management, developing strategies specially designed to address the critical success factors of these niches.

We seek to deeply understand our clients’ needs, aiming to deliver selection processes quickly and accurately.

At J2L, our approach is humanized. We prepare candidates for interviews by providing support during all phases of the selection process, acting as mediators and advisors between the company and the candidate, ensuring an adequate and satisfactory negotiation for both parties.

With a diversified client portfolio, we operate in several areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, T.I., Engineering, and Operations.

Our service goes far beyond Recruitment and Selection. With our solutions and market expertise, we develop products focused on advisory and market studies, such as transition mentoring and assessment.

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Beginning of Operations

J2L was founded in 2016 with the goal of filling a gap in the market, offering specialized service and differentiating itself from consultancies that prioritize volume over assertiveness.

Expansion of headquarters and team

In 2019, J2L expanded by opening a new office and increased its team of expert consultants, strengthening its ability to meet client demands in a more comprehensive and high-quality manner.

Milestone of 2500 selective processes

A significant milestone in J2L's history was reached when we reached the 2500 selection processes mark, inaugurating a new phase for the company. This represents an important turning point and highlights our growth and impact on the market.

Start of operations in Latin America

J2L expands its operations by opening an office in Santiago, Chile, extending its presence throughout Latin America. This new step enables J2L to serve an even larger customer base and strengthen its presence in the Latin American market.

Start of operations in Colombia and Europe

J2L continues to grow with the opening of the office in Colombia and the expansion to Turin, Europe. These strategic milestones strengthen the company's global presence and improve customer service in two distinct regions.

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