J2L Specialized Recruitment


To overcome the difficulties often encountered by companies in searching for and finding professionals, we developed SWEEPER (a reference to the market “sweeping” that the tool provides), J2L’s innovative and exclusive technology.

With it, we define the candidates’ main KPIs such as company, seniority, current salary range, pretension salary range, language level, and other variables, identified through market sampling obtained from CVs and interviews. In addition, we offer the possibility to follow the process in real time, with different sampling filters.

SWEEPER provides an extremely clear view of the market for any position and seniority, making it the best partner for decision making.

Our technology is ready to solve problems such as:

  • Missing or incomplete market mapping and analysis;
  • Lack of assertiveness in the search for the ideal profile for each position;
  • Database with missing providential information;
  • Lack of clarity when it comes to choosing the successful candidate;
  • Delay in completing the selection process.
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