Treasury Manager

Position Description:

We are looking for a highly qualified professional to fill the position of Treasury Manager with focus on debt in a large company in the biofuel segment. The professional will play a crucial role in planning and implementing effective fundraising and debt management strategies.


    Develop and implement debt strategies:
    • Identify fundraising opportunities through loans, bond issues, credit lines, and other sources of funding relevant to the biofuel industry.
    • Assess the feasibility and conditions of the different debt instruments available.
    • Negotiate terms and conditions of loans and financing contracts with financial institutions.
    • Ensure compliance with all debt-related contractual obligations.
    Financial risk management:
    • Identify and manage risks associated with debt, such as interest rate risk, currency risk, and credit risk.
    • Implement strategies to mitigate these risks and protect the company against adverse financial market fluctuations.
    Monitor and optimize the capital structure:
    • Continuously evaluate the company’s current capital structure and propose adjustments to optimize the cost and efficiency of capital.
    • Analyze financial metrics and financial statements to identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency in debt management.
    Relationship with financial institutions:
    • Maintain strong relationships with banks and financial institutions to access the best financing opportunities.
    • Negotiate favorable terms and conditions with financial partners.
    • Keep abreast of regulatory changes and financial market trends that may affect the company’s financing and indebtedness.
    Reporting and compliance:
    • Prepare debt-related financial and management reports for top management and investors.
    • Ensure compliance with all financial regulations and reporting requirements.


  • Academic background in Finance, Economics, Business Administration or related field. Post-graduation is desirable.
  • Proven experience in structured treasury, debt and fund raising, experience in the biofuel sector or related industries.
  • Solid knowledge in financial instruments, financing strategies and risk analysis.
  • Advanced skills in negotiation, relationship management, and effective communication.
  • Ability to work strategically, analytically, and with a long-term vision.
  • Knowledge of relevant financial regulations.
  • Proficiency in financial management tools and systems.

If you are a highly motivated, results-oriented professional with solid experience in structured treasury and debt, apply for this position and be part of the continued growth of the biofuels industry.

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