CFO – Chief Financial Officer

We are pleased to present an exclusive opportunity for the position of CFO – Chief Financial Officer who will integrate the Economic-Financial team of a large company in the services segment, playing a key role in the management of accounting, tax, treasury, and planning and control activities in Brazil.


    Reporting directly to the Brazil Managing Director and the Global CFO, you will hold a strategic position as CFO, with key responsibilities that include:
  • Coordinate the work of the Accounting and Tax teams, ensuring the application of and compliance with local and international IFRS accounting standards, in accordance with Group policies, and ensure their application through financial/accounting outsourcing;
  • Prepare periodic financial statements and reports for Management and Headquarters;
  • Analyze the monthly financial results, identifying any discrepancies, accounting provisioning needs, and attention points in an analytical way;
  • Control and monitor the company’s cash flow, projecting inflows and outflows, including in collaboration with the engineering team for short and medium term CapEx commitments to ensure the company’s financial health;
  • Coordinate the consolidation of the group’s entities’ accounts in Brazil;
  • To ensure compliance with corporate and tax obligations within the deadlines, rules, and legislation in effect;
  • Coordinate all budgeting activities, business plans, and financial forecasting;
  • Control all financial activities, including drafting Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements, analyzing variances and impacts, drafting correction plans, identifying causes and solutions;
  • Follow up on the execution and control of investment projects and the respective contracts;
  • Perform short and mid-term financial planning;
  • Manage local bank accounts and fulfill obligations with financial entities, especially with regard to existing financing;
  • Manage the accounts receivable collection activities and the financial flows related to the customer portfolio;
  • Manage the accounts payable activities.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, Business Administration or a related field, providing a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of fundamental financial principles.
  • Minimum of 5 years proven experience as CFO or in positions of similar responsibility, demonstrating a solid and successful track record in effectively managing finance and accounting.
  • Fluency/advanced Spanish, ensuring the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in a multinational environment.
  • Sound accounting knowledge, including a thorough understanding of local and international accounting standards (IFRS) and the ability to apply this knowledge accurately and consistently.
  • Experience in reporting activities for multinational headquarters, demonstrating the ability to provide accurate and timely financial information to management and corporate headquarters.
  • Focus on teamwork, proving the ability to collaborate and lead teams, encouraging a collaborative environment and promoting the best performance of all team members.
  • Experience in team management, demonstrating solid leadership skills and the ability to effectively motivate, develop, and mentor teams to achieve exceptional results collaboratively.

We offer a unique opportunity for an experienced and dedicated professional with the chance to be part of a growing multinational team. If you have the necessary qualifications and experience, join us and contribute to the company’s continued success.

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