Labor Relations Coordinator

We are looking for a Labor Relations Coordinator for a prominent security company to work in Renca, Metropolitan Region of Chile. You will be primarily responsible for administering union management within the legal framework, generating proposals from a strategic vision that allows the company to provide the value that the business needs.


  • Develop, coordinate, and manage human resources procedures in general.
  • Survey human resources processes, linking Collective Bargaining Agreement processing to each case.
  • Develop and coordinate the execution of corporate HR projects.
  • Manage statistical and compensation information, necessary for the application of daily performance appraisal.
  • Perform the survey and control of KPI’s.
  • Analyze the information to determine the payment of compensatory bonuses, framing shifts, additional shifts, and any deviation from the work code.
  • Participate in the human resources budgeting process of the companies within the holding company.
  • To advise the different areas of the company focused on collective bargaining and human resources in general, with a focus on ensuring compliance with the labor legislation in force.
  • Manage the union and collective bargaining processes.
  • Plan action programs, relational models, and integration strategies between the company and the employees.
  • To be the ideal and exclusive channel for raising issues between the union and the employer, providing accurate information to those responsible for the solution to be addressed.
  • Actively participate in all meetings (inside and outside the factory) with union organizations.
  • Participate in collective bargaining processes.
  • Anticipate possible conflicts with unions/organizations, alerting the operation about risks and impacts, proposing solutions and/or contingency plans.
  • Provide support to the person in charge of audits, providing support and clarifying doubts about audited issues with the different state agencies (DT, Seremi, Fonasa, etc.).
  • Develop administrative tasks, such as reviewing and consolidating compensation and union information.
  • Control and review union leave in accordance with the provisions of the civil code.
  • Validate the attendance of leaders and identify deviations from what was agreed upon, union leave transfers, and pay balance to inform payment to the union.


  • Minimum of 2 years of union management experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in related fields such as psychology, business administration, and others.
  • Experience in complex corporate interactions.
  • Knowledge of current labor standards, compensation, and collective bargaining processes.

If you have union management experience, a related formal academic training, advanced office skills, and knowledge of current labor standards for compensation and collective bargaining processes, this Labor Relations Coordinator opportunity may be right for you, be sure to apply for this position.

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